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Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure Released

Announcing the release of Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure for iPad and iPhone: a challenging and fun adventure game that teaches integers, decimals, and fractions to children ages 6-9 years old.

Set in the context of a flowery meadow, children playing Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure join Chester the butterfly and Flop the bunny on a trip to their garden.  Along the way children are challenged to compare and sort integers, decimals, and fractions by tapping the screen to guide Chester and his number over or under oncoming numbers.  After surmounting 10 numeric hurdles in each level, children reach the garden where they can feed Flop his favorite vegetables, direct Chester to the flowers, and interact with nature by sliding the clouds, setting the sun, drawing constellations in the night sky, and more.

Flying Numbers is packed with learning and fun, including 36 levels designed by a team of both Montessori and also public school teachers for children ages 6-9 years old.  Early levels start with Common Core Standards, while later levels provide greater challenge with exposure to fractions, decimals, and even negative numbers.

Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure includes a horizontally scrolling number line ranging from negative 100 to 1000, and an interactive visualizer providing kids with a pictorial representation of each integer or fraction.

Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure perfectly balances entertainment with educational value, holding children’s attention as they learn.

“There is so much we can do now, with this amazing technology that kids hold in their hands, to make learning and play one and the same, “ explains Steve Glinberg, Blue Moon Learning’s Founder and CEO.

“With Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure I aimed to provide children with an immersive and exciting multimedia experience where they can grow their understanding of numbers while they play.  When I watch my daughters play with determination and celebrate their successes as they progress from one level to the next, I know I have accomplished my goal.”

With its pristine graphics, memorable music, and enchanting characters, Chester & Flop’s Flying Numbers Adventure offers children a delightful and engaging way to expand and apply their knowledge of integers, fractions, and decimals.

Also created by Blue Moon Learning, top ranked education apps 123 Color, 123 Glow, and KidCalc Math Fun have received critical acclaim from publications including The New York Times, iPhone Life Magazine, and Cult of Mac Magazine, and 57 placements on Apple’s lists of top apps.  With more than 3 million downloads, Blue Moon Learning’s apps enable parents to feel great about the games their children want to play.


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