About Steve & Mara

Steve & Mara

Steve Glinberg and daughter, Mara

Hi, I’m Steve Glinberg, the developer of KidCalc Math Fun, 123 Color, and 123 World.  I am an independent software developer, iPhone enthusiast, and dad who is passionate about finding simple and effective ways to teach even advanced concepts to young children.

When I saw my daughter Mara at 2 1/2 years old pick up my new iPhone and use it with absolutely no instruction, I realized that the iPhone’s touch interface, especially when combined with engaging animations and sounds, held unprecedented potential as a platform on top of which an entirely new class of teaching tools could be built.

I decided then to build KidCalc, to teach children how to visualize the addition and subtraction of sets of objects. With the addition of counting games, math games, animated flash cards for counting, number tracing, and a math flash cards racing game, KidCalc has become even more fun, engaging and effective at teaching numbers and math than any other math app available. 

123 Color and 123 World take learning even further, teaching numbers and letters in 17 languages and dialects!

I hope your children enjoy using KidCalc Math Fun, 123 Color, and 123 World as much as Mara and her friends do!

I have been providing software development consulting and training services to an array of clients, from independent developers to both small and large companies, for the last 15 years. I have significant experience with the elicitation, documentation and management of business requirements (for software projects that merit such documentation), facilitating the steady movement of software projects from concept to product, with significant milestones and checkpoints along the way.

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