Christi,, says about 123 World HD, “Easy to use, fun bright colors…a great way to learn about world geography!” “PadGadget Recommended.” June 1, 2010 Read more.

Heather Leister,, says about 123 Color HD, “It looks great on the iPad screen, works smoothly, and is a great teaching tool that also provides plenty of fun. I can’t recommend KidCalc apps enough!” May 12, 2010 Read more.

Heather Leister,, says about 123 World HD, “This is a terrific all-around educational app.” “I was already a big fan of the 123 Color apps and I think 123 World HD is another fantastic addition.” May 12, 2010 Read more.

Warren Buckleitner, Writer for The New York Times, Editor of Children’s Technology Review, “Remember paint-by-number puzzles? 123 Color expands on that idea, introducing upper- and lower-case letters.” “Each touch is labeled in either English, Spanish, French or German — nice for introducing the sound of a new language.” April 29, 2010 Read more.

Christi,, says “Looking for a fun educational app for your preschooler or early elementary school aged child? Look no further than the #1 iPad Educational App, 123 Color HD.” “I love the variety of colors, songs, sound effects and languages that allow users to customize the app specifically for their child.” “A fun app at a great price…” “PadGadget Recommended.” April 19, 2010 Read more.

Cindy Downes, iPhone Life Magazine, says “123 Color makes learning fun and convenient!” “Waiting in line at the grocery store, doctor’s office, or post office, can now be a learning opportunity with 123Color.” “I’ve previously reviewed KidCalc, another kid-friendly app from Steve Glinberg. Both of these are 5 stars in my book. Highly recommended!” March 12, 2010 Read more. “I absolutely adore KidCalc Math Fun. It is well executed, educational, fun and has an amazing amount of options for a $.99 app. If you’ve got a preschooler or a child in elementary school this is one to buy.” Read more., Dec 15, 2009 says about KidCalc, “KidCalc is a math app chocked full of features.” “…so effective.” “It amazes me how much is offered in this one app – it’s a real deal.” Dec 6, 2009 Read more.

“This is a really smart and well done app, I really like this app, and as a parent I strongly suggest you add this to your collection of apps for learning.” “What really excited me is the blend of engaging artwork, animation and audio which makes this app perfect to play with while on those long car or plane rides when you go to visit family.” Read more.
-John Painter, iPhone Life Magazine, Dec 4, 2009

“Some of the best educational development for children comes from visual, audio, and kinetic learning experiences. [KidCalc] brings these three learning methods together… Score: 10/10” Read more.
-Sarah Parker, The iPhone App Review

“KidCalc is useful, beautifully done, and most importantly, gets kids learning math and having fun while doing it. It rightly deserves its place on the What’s Hot list.” Read more.
-iPhone Footprint

“KidCalc has to be the cutest app I have reviewed so far. The graphics are great, the audio quality is perfect and the kids voices are the cutest ever.” Read more.
-Daily App Review

“KidCalc will keep your kids entertained for a long time and it’s very educational. …very easy to use.” Read more.
-Kid App Reviews

Here is what parents have said about KidCalc:

  • “I recommend KidCalc to any parents that want to give their kids an edge.”
  • “KidCalc is the smallest, yet wisest investment I’ve ever made in my children’s education!”
  • “I’ve tried several educational apps for my kids and this has been the best one yet.”
  • “Teaching math done right – with animation and children’s voices!!”
  • “I recommend this app to everyone with young children. My daughter loves it and won’t put it down.”
  • “When my son touches the wrong answer and hears the drum sound he giggles uncontrollably.”
  • “Even just passively listening to the beautiful voice saying the numbers my 2 year old is learning as my 6 year old plays.”
  • “This app has a lot to teach young learners.”

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