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Help a Student: Donate Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

June 15, 2010 5 comments


Update: Monday, September 9, 2013

Put your old iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to the best possible use – donate it to a public or private school or to a recycling program so it can be put to work as a learning tool for kids. Steve Glinberg, developer of the popular iPhone and iPad apps KidCalc Math Fun, 123 Color Talking Coloring Book, and 123 World Geography Coloring Book, today announces the continuation of his recycling program for iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, which brings high technology mobile devices into classrooms.

“I am amazed and inspired by the generosity I’ve seen since I began this iOS device recycling program,” says Glinberg. “Recently I received a brand new unopened iPad in the mail. Hundreds of kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with and be inspired by this new technology, will, thanks to this and the many other generous donations I have received. Much more help is still needed, however. Donations have slowed in recent months. As you can imagine, I have many more teachers registered to receive a donated iOS device than I have iOS devices to send out. We need your help.”

With the recent release of the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and also iPad 4, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches that are no longer needed are going unused in homes everywhere. At the same time, children around the world are successfully using high technology mobile devices for learning in classrooms. Teachers are incorporating iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches into their curriculum at an increasing rate. However, schools are constrained by ever tightening budgets. Many of these powerful devices with the capacity to interest, captivate and teach children are ending up in drawers, or on shelves, where they sit hardly used after the owner upgrades a newer version.

As a developer of education iPhone and iPad apps, I have been hearing from teachers and parents for two years now just how valuable a role iPhones, iPod touches and especially iPads are serving in classrooms.

We need to get used iPads, iPhones and iPod touches into classrooms, where price is the barrier precluding their introduction into the curriculum. My recycling program needs your help to continue to accomplish that.

Owners of iPads, iPhone and iPod touches that aren’t being used, or that for other reasons you are willing to part with, and people interested in making a financial donation or in donating a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, please contact me at the email address below and/or ship the device to:

iOS Device Recycling Program
c/o Steve Glinberg
814 W. Lakeside Street
Madison WI, 53715

Upon receiving used iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, I restore them to factory state, install dozens of apps currently in the App Store’s education category, and send them on to teachers who have registered to receive one.

Non-working iOS devices are also welcome. I have established relationships with companies that provide repair services, who will replace defective parts to restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a working state so it can be put to work for students. Sync cables and iOS device chargers are also in short supply, so if you have one you are willing to part with, please donated it so it can be put to use for students.

Teachers please leave a comment below or send an email to the email address below to register to be a recipient of an iPhone or iPod touch. Please indicate where you teach, the age of your students, their current exposure to and use of computing and mobile computing devices, and please briefly describe your need.

Software developers with an app in the iTunes App Store’s Education category that you would like included on iOS devices bound for schools and summer school programs can send me an email at the address below with a promo (download) code. Please include the name of your app and a link to it in the App Store. Note that apps will be evaluated for their educational value on a case by case basis before being installed, and they may also be deleted at the discretion of the teacher who receives the device.

Donors, developers and teachers who participate in this program, who wish to be profiled on this website, please let me know.

Parents and teachers, please leave a comment below if an iPod touch or iPhone has helped your students or children in a classroom setting to let others know just how valuable these devices can be to students.

If you would like to help me spread the word about this program, you can re-tweet or email friends the following quote: “Please RT: Help #students, #teachers with this #iPhone, #iPodTouch #iPad #recycling program. Thank you!”

Help students at schools around the world by recycling your old iPhone or iPod touch. Please email me at for further details. Thank you sincerely.

A special thanks also goes to MacWorld,, CNNMoney, and edu.Mac.nation for helping me get the word out about this program, and to for donating parts needed to repair non-working iOS devices that were donated.