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123 Color, International Edition, Talking Coloring Book Released

123 Color, International Edition

Announcing the launch of the International Edition of popular education app, 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book, for iPad/iPhone, which teaches numbers, letters, and colors, voiced in 17 languages and dialects, to kids ages 2-10.

123 Color, International Edition, Talking Coloring Book exploded onto the international market this past weekend, instantly becoming a top 10 education app in 40 countries worldwide, and hitting #1 in China and 12 other countries.

123 Color International includes more than 350 cartoons, drawings, photos, and handwriting guides in all, to be painted by freestyle finger painting or touch-to-fill, along with voice-overs of letters, numbers, and colors in 17 languages and dialects including:
• Arabic
• Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
• Dutch
• English (American, Australian, and British)
• French
• German
• Hebrew
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swedish

“With 123 Color, I aimed to provide children an exciting multimedia experience for learning and play, ” said Steve Glinberg, 123 Color’s developer. “When I watch my daughters color in the drawings with determination and then quickly move to snapping their fingers, dancing and singing along with the reward music, I get a strong sense that I have accomplished my goal. With 123 Color, International Edition, I aim to extend that magical and fun learning experience to children around the world.”

TheiPhoneMom.com calls 123 Color, International Edition, “fantastic” and “one of the most detailed, feature rich, educational coloring apps you’ll find.” PadGadget.com calls 123 Color, International Edition, a “Great app for kids!”

123 Color International is packed with features and teaches the following:
• Speaks numbers, letters, and colors in 17 languages, each spoken by a native speaker of that language.
• Displays spelling of numbers and colors in all 17 languages.
• Teaches basic shapes including squares, triangles, circles, ovals, parallelograms, and trapezoids
• Teaches compound shapes including cubes, pyramids, cones, wedges, concentric circles, and more
• Teaches artistic expression, drawing and painting skills

Additional features include:
• Freestyle finger painting with Perfect Paint™, a patent-pending technology that makes it impossible for kids to paint outside the lines. Select a 10 or 30 color palette (10 for young children)
• American, Australian, and British English voice-overs included
• Displays Chinese Pinyin and Romanized, phonetic spelling of numbers and colors in Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Hebrew
• Select up to two languages to be spoken and displayed when your child touches numbers and colors
• Proper spelling of numbers and color names displayed in selected languages (for example, when 1 is touched, “One / Ichi ” is displayed when English and Japanese are selected)
• 25 fun children songs
• 23 sound effects
• Save, email, and print (AirPrint) artwork to share with friends and family

123 Color, International Edition, Talking Coloring Book is a universal app that runs on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. It is also fully localized into all 17 languages, showing all content and settings in the selected language of the iOS device.

In celebration of its release, 123 Color, International Edition, will be FREE all week, before returning to its full price of US $9.99.

123 Color is available only in the App Store.

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